Sunday, November 17, 2013

Greetings from Austin Street

Blessed Sunday to you all! What a wonderful day! All is splendid at 811. I worshiped at Rush Creek led by our youth today. Their presentations were about how God worked through them in their mission trips. They were amazed at what they could do when powered by the Holy Spirit. They helped so many people and discovered that as they went be a blessing to others, it was they who received the blessing and were forever changed by the power of God within themselves. I then worship with my family at Advent. I was asked to sing with the praise team a wonderful spiritual titled, Witness. I sang this piece in my senior journey at UNT ( a very, VERY long time ago). It was wonderful to worship with family and longtime friends today. Next, my children prepared a wonderful birthday lunch and invited treasured friends to dine at our table. I prepared the table and Geni, Cody, Travis and Tammy prepared the meal. It was such a wonderful time of excellent food, great stories and lots of laughter. We had such a great time.  Thank you my dear, dear family for a wonderful birthday. God is good and the love of God wins!

Lord, I can never give you enough thanks for family and friends. These are wonderful people who love you and know of your love for them. What a joy it is that you have blessed me with the family you gave me to raise, the husband you gave me to love and the friends who are family by choice. Thank you that you are present at the table when we gather and your joyful presence is displayed in the smiles, laughter and love. And Lord, you know I have only a small window of time to accomplish a great deal of work.  I ask you to help me be clear thinking, that technology not fail and that the work that I produce is guided by your hand and to be found faithful.  I love you Lord. In Jesus name, Amen.

One of the character flaws I have tried to deal with all of my life is that I would never be good enough or smart of enough. I have always worked hard and done what I believe to be my best, but never believed I could ever be as smart as others (especially in seminary).  I think the failed paper at the beginning of this semester shook me a bit. What I have discovered is that I needed God’s help which was graciously provided through a pastor friend and the professor who spent time with me re-explaining the parts of the paper and helping me write the thesis statement. When I went back and re-read what the professor gave us in class I understood. Praise God!

  You know I trusted God for my salvation.  When I received salvation from God I was covered with righteousness making me worthy of dwelling with God for all eternity. Believing in God and trusting in Divine provision through faith assures me that God has always been with me, loved me and found me worthy to be His child and with God’s help will accomplish what God wants to accomplish in me and maybe what Brite Seminary does too.

 “Lord, who can dwell in Your tent? Who can live on Your holy mountain?...Such people will stand firm forever”
Psalm 15: 1, 5

Take joy in the journey remembering that hope does not disappoint. Wear comfortable shoes and get some sleep. Love you all, Bruce and Gaylene